And the new breed will be……


the wired coated ludicrous terrier!

How to obtain it? First of all we have to find eight breeders willing to accomplish this experiment.
Each breeder will start its breeding plan with two males and six females and they will operate separately at least for three generations. I will chose the 64 breed founders among the most tipical dogs I can find in the country and in shelters, chosing by phenotipe and test of character.
The first step is to mate the male 1 with females 1, 2 and 3 and the male 2 with females 4, 5 and 6. After two years we will cross the results of the first group (1×1 1×2 1×3)  with the ones of the second group(2×4, 2×5, 2×6).
In the third generation we will mate dogs who have the same grandfahter, but different grondmothers, accordingly to phenotipe.
This program will be observed by each breeder. After the third generation, we will be allowed to start mating dogs of diffeent lines, so the eight founding breeders will be allowed to swap the best puppies to program new matings, that have to be principally based on phenotype.

This is the first rough proof of the standard, which can be modified after the first results, after mesuraments of the population and after seing the results of genetic drift.

The optimal dewlap height is 40 cm for a dog and 38 for a bitch and there is no upper or lower limit. The body frame is square or nearly. The expression of the head must be nice and pleasant. Amber or light brown eyes set obliquely and medium upright ears of tulip shape are its characteristic features. The set of teeth is complete (42) but the faulty of one or more teeth can be tollerated; scissors-shaped, plier-shaped setting and reversed scissors are admitted. No prgnatism  acceptable. Bleah!  The spine is straight, strong in movement,
with a short loin. The chest is not to large. The belly is strong and drawn in. The back is short, the tail is high set and curls over the back. The fore limbs are straight, and narrow set, with open angles and medium radius and metacarpus.

The perfect color of the hair is from yellow to white. However any colour is accepted. The hair is wire and double coated with a soft, dense undercoat and a harsh outercoat.

The movement is light and harmonious. Very springhtly, but calm in spit of its strenght and agility.

The wired coated ludicrous terrier is charming, pretty cute, pleasing, fascinating, attractive, intelligent, delightful, lovely and witty.

Working tests: BALL1, BALL3, BALL3 and zamping.


Would you like to be a wire coated ludicrous terrier breeder founder?
Please, send your curriculum at this e-mail and canditate to the selections.
I’m founding the Amateur Maniacal Europeand Dogs Estimators Organisation, which will be the main wire coated ludicrous terrier club in Europe. And I will be the president. So…. be careful!

If you want to take part to this exiting experience, let me know.

IDAC – November 9th, 2008

Denis Ferretti